Engagement Gifts for Couples

8 Unique and Charming Engagement Gifts for Newly Engaged Couples

Pop the champers and cue the confetti – because one of your favorite couples just got engaged! It’s time to turn the celebration mode on. So, it means that you just can’t visit them without engagement gifts for couples . It is considered good etiquette to bring a gift to newly engaged couples.  

However, we all know that finding the right engagement gifts for couples is quite a challenge, and there are no set rules or guidelines. It’s surprising that they aren’t informed beforehand, especially if you desire something unique. Thankfully, we went hunting and discovered some exciting engagement gift ideas for those wishing to give their friends preparing to tie the knot a memorable gift to remember! 

The 8 Best Engagement Gift Ideas for Newly Engaged Couples 

Numerous gift options are available when choosing a gift for newly engaged couples. We have handpicked some of the most unique and charming gifts for newly engaged couples that they will undoubtedly appreciate and have a lot to be thankful for. So, scroll down and check out 8 engagement gift ideas for every kind of couple: 

1.Custom Couple T-shirt 

These days, everybody seems to wear custom T-shirts, especially couples who are getting married. And this bestseller has got to be rather cute. Select the personal message or images you want engraved. You have unlimited colors to choose from to make it coordinate with the personalities of the couple it will be used for. 

2.Custom Couple Mug Set 

The couple that drinks coffee together stays together. So, gift a personalized couple mug set to your recently engaged friend. Every set of mugs will remind your friend of their significant other. For love birds, Custom couple cups are the cutest match. You can have the same quotes or images on them. 

3.Custom Couple Portrait 

A canvas painting of custom portraits portrays two people who have chosen to be together and go through life together as a couple. It is possible to make this painting animated further by getting custom couple portraits which will feature them in royal clothes posing as different royal characters. 

4.Champaign Flutes Set 

The couple will also have many formal events to attend in the following months, and what better way to celebrate than with a set of champagne glasses? The hand-blown glasses produce the distinct echo you’d expect and look great on any bar or dining table. This is something they will cherish and will use for many years. 

5.Countdown Customized Calendar 

Of course, you can always download an app on your phone to count the days until the wedding. But there is something very thrilling about counting the days on the calendar. Therefore, a custom countdown calendar featuring your friends can be an ideal gift for the IT couple of your group. You can also complete the look with a stand for easy display. 

6.Scented Engagement Candles 

Scented candles are excellent if you want an easy gift for a couple you do not know very well or if you’re going to get your favorite couple a bunch of different things associated with engagements. The fragrance of scented candles will be perfect for their next date and will pair even better if presented with a bottle of champagne. 

7.Custom Dessert Plates 

Custom ceramic dessert plates with the couple’s names painted on them would perhaps make a gorgeous gift for a newly engaged couple. It is perfect for those who love beautiful utensils or dinner sets and dishes at home. While these artisan dessert plates are affordable, they are cute and customized. It shows that you’ve put a bit more effort into selecting the gift. 

8.Ring Dish 

The rings binding both the lovers deserve a special place of their own! So, you can go for a simple and elegant ring dish. A ring dish is the perfect place to put the marvelous new engagement ring whenever the lovely bride takes it off her finger. It is a creative and unique gift that will be useful and valued every time the receiver uses it. You can get the couple’s initials and the date of engagement engraved in elegant gold letters. 


Every engaged couple expects to receive gifts as they prepare for their wedding, and despite the giver’s good intentions, most gifts that people give end up being meaningless or useless. This makes the engagement gifts for couples highly thoughtful since they consider the couple’s hobbies. Thus, we hope that our list of engagement gift ideas makes it easier for you to choose gifts for your newly engaged family or friends.  

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