Monthly Dog Hygiene To-Do Checklist

Monthly Dog Hygiene To-Do Checklist

One of the best things about owning a pet is its ability to make you happy. You can have the most rewarding experiences in your life with your pet. But having a pet is not easy. It comes with many responsibilities. One such responsibility is taking care of your pet’s hygiene. 

So, in order to keep your pets healthy and give them a fulfilling life, it is necessary to ensure that your pets are in tip-top shape.

You are mistaken if you believe that bathing alone is enough to maintain your pet’s Monthly Dog Hygiene to-do Checklist . There are many other things that you need to keep in mind. Let us get you through a checklist that will help you maintain your dog’s monthly hygiene.

Be up-to-date With All the Vaccinations

Make sure that your dog receives all the vaccination on time. Please consult your vet for all the vaccinations that needs to be given, as delaying it can bring long-term pain and problems for your dog. Always track the time!

Nail Clipping 

Long nails can be a sign of poor hygiene and might affect your dog’s postures too. Try to get your dog’s nails trimmed every 3-4 weeks. Right from the stage, they are puppies; it is safe to clip their nails.

Dental Hygiene 

Your dog eats many things throughout the day, which can lead to a lot of bacteria. Therefore, it is essential to do a monthly thorough oral cleaning. Dogs don’t like this, so make sure you do it right.

Check for Ticks and Fleas 

Dogs can do many things, including walking along streets and playing on the ground. They also like to roll around. Your dog is more likely to get ticks or fleas than not. It can be pretty annoying, so make sure check them from time to time for ticks and fleas.

Bathing Your Dog 

Bathing your dog is essential for them. But you should also know that dogs can get flaky skin from frequent bathing and their hair may lose its shine. Hence, dog baths should be done at least once monthly dog hygiene to-do checklist .

Cleaning Your Dog’s Clothes or Accessories 

It is just as important to clean your dog’s shoes, clothes and accessories as it is to bathe them. To prevent your dog from contracting any disease, make sure you wash their accessories and clothes at least once in every four weeks.

Trim Your Dog’s Coats  

Not many people know that trimming your dogs’ coats can help their skin breathe. Whereas brushing their fur can increase blood circulation. This also decreases the chances of your dog’s getting infected with ticks and fleas.

Keep Your Dog’s Kennel Clean 

Clean up the area where your dog relaxes most often. This could be his kennel or any other space in your home.


Dogs will be an important member of your family. They will spend most of their time indoors with you and your kids. Hence, understanding that maintaining your dog’s hygiene is important. You can keep your pet fit, healthy, and take care of their hygiene by following the checklist as mentioned above.

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