7 fun things to do with your dog in the summer

7 Fun Things to Do with Your Dog in the Summer

There are many fun things you can do with your dogs. While it is true that dogs will find almost every task exciting, there are some activities that will make your dog waggle his tail in excitement. So, let us talk about 7 fun things to do with your dog this summer! They will make you and your dog equally happy.

1. Befriend Nature

Nature walks stand at the top of the list of fun things to do with your dog in the summer. Almost all canines love the outdoor world, and even you might use some fresh air. From simple hikes to camping, your dog will love it all. This is so because sniffing things up and exploring their surroundings is actually calming for them. There are many activities you can do along with your dog to beat the heat in summer. 

2. Swimming

If your dog is trained to play off-leash, swimming is one of the best outdoor dog activities you can do! Who does not love swimming, especially in summer? The case is no different for our furry friends! Spots like a beach, a lake, or a riverfront can be the perfect place for you to relax and your dog to enjoy. Another big plus for swimming is that it acts as a natural exercise, which is beneficial even for a senior canine.

3. Scavenger Hunts

Want to test your dog’s hunting and scavenging abilities? Try a scavenger hunt. Hide items for your pet to search it out with its nose and keen instinct.

Pro tip: Try using a cue like find it and toss pieces of small treats immediately, right in front of your dog. As it becomes accustomed to the activity, you can increase the difficulty and the range of the hunt by scattering treats further away or hiding them under other things.

4. Go for a Stroll

If your canine is also a social butterfly, then he will love the experiences of going out for a stroll and exploring the town with you. You can also find some pet-friendly locations, such as an outdoor dining spot or a recreational park, and pay them a visit. This way, you and your furry friend will have new experiences together, and your bonding will deepen, all while spending time together in summer!

5. Commit, and Get Fit

Afraid of sagging up in summer? You can trust your dog to get you in shape! As proven by studies and admitted by many dog owners, dogs are reliable motivators for physical activity. They effectively increase the number of steps a person walks each day. So, plan some exercises with your canine, and you get yourself and your dog another fun activity!

6. Try Training

Practice makes a man perfect goes for everyone. Thus, it also applies to your dog! Training your dog not only helps you learn more about them, but it also helps them remain calm in provoking situations. Then there are tricks to master, too! From a high-five to a roll to straight out riding a skateboard, trying to teach these tricks is a fun activity in itself!

7. Go Shopping

Let us face it: Surprises can sometimes be overrated, and there is no exception while buying your canine a toy. So, why not let them? Even your dog loves shopping! It is a great way to spend time with your pet, doing what they love! Let them choose their toys from their favorite pet store, and watch them be adorable the entire time! P.s. Dogs do not read the price tag. You can also shop your dog’s custom pet portrait and keep your memories with your dog alive for eternity.

Try out these 7 fun activities with your dog and make this summer a memorable one for you and your dog.

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